Staying authentic and not bending to pressure

Another year, another birthday! While I’m a person of gratitude and I love to celebrate, I am not a big celebrator (is that even a word? haha). I have friends who celebrate their birthday for weeks and weeks, and it’s one party after another and I love that and enjoy it. However, I’ve never been that kind of person so I’ve learned not to put myself down and just stay in my lane.

This brings me onto what I want to talk about today; pressure, peer pressure. At 33 (it’s actually 22 and will stay that way for a long time haha) my life looks a lot different from how I imagined it when I was 15.  Also, can I just say one more thing, once you hit 30 you kind of just roll along and stop caring about the numbers lol.  Anyway back to the topic, my life is different from what I imagined it to be. Some times that brings with it discouragement, and the struggle to want to make things happen or some heated conversations between me and God like I don’t understand what’s happening. Yesterday, I watched a message by Havilah Cunnington about ‘the #1 reason why things don’t happen in your life’. What I took away from that message was that when things haven’t happened as you thought or wanted it’s not always a bad thing, it could be because it’s not time yet because our timeline is not the same as God’s timeline. 

One of the most sure ways to deal with peer pressure or social media pressure is to stop comparing your life to any one and to be grateful for your life and where you are at in life. As a high achiever and dream chaser, sometimes it’s easy to feel frustrated when I want things to happen immediately and they don’t.

So if I could speak to my 15 yr old self, here’s what I would say; God has big plans for you, and those plans look a lot different from your plans but that’s ok. I would tell her to enjoy the ride and to learn from others but know that you are enough and you don’t need to compare your life with any one else. I would tell her that patience will save you a lot of heartache, and all those doors that God closed are for your good. I would tell her not to be embarrassed by her guts and boldness, and the fact that you are gifted to talk, even though that will get you in trouble sometimes!

Today, my life is pretty amazing and I’m grateful to be where I am. Most of the amazing things and the amazing place I am at started in my imagination, and it’s taken faith and hard work, but most importantly, I believe I am where I need to be at the right time. I look around and see what God has done and I’m  grateful. So here’s to another amazing year ahead, and to even bigger dreams and a God breathed life, to a ‘fairytale’ life that exists for the fame of his renown! 

Until next time, stay authentic friends, keep chasing your dreams and trusting God to perfect everything that concerns you. Don’t lose your childlike wonder and imagination. 

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” CS Lewis

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  • Thoughtfully written. At 33, I had been 7 years alone already after tucking a failed marriage under my belt , and now with a child to raise on my own… It’s not where I thought I’d be. Life happens and we roll with the punches. And then we come back stronger than ever. Keep at it, and keep looking this beautiful while at it 🙂

    • Sharon mugisha (shaz)

      I guess sometimes if our life went exactly as we wanted we would miss out on some life lessons. All the heartbreaks and disappointments end up becoming part of our message. Thank you so much for reading and showing love always.