Hi guys,

Spring is here! Hooray! As you can tell I can’t contain my excitement because it’s my favorite season. Spring also means we are nearly half way in the year and oh my goodness how quickly the time is going!

This week I’ve had moments where I felt a little bit overwhelmed (ok maybe a lot) with everything that I’ve got going on in my life. The thing about feeling overwhelmed though is that it can make you feel like giving up, not bother with anything at all and it just sucks up your energy. In my case it usually makes me feel like taking a nap! haha

I am so passionate about my dreams and living a fabulous life that if I catch myself being slothful even a little bit, I will grab myself by my ears and make myself keep going so to speak. I was listening to a message this week which reminded me about the power of desire. The teacher I was listening to shared that to truly be great at something, you must have a healthy obsession! No one great ever stumbled upon greatness. They had a healthy obsession with being great which caused them to pursue their dreams and goals and even when they didn’t feel like it.

I did some research about some people who are great in their chosen fields, how much do they invest themselves? They invest more hours and work than the average person, it’s all they think about and dream about. They are completely obsessed with becoming better and improving themselves. They will keep going even on ‘rainy’ days and will work to better themselves each time. The thing is though, even if you are not training to be an Olympic athlete, to have anything good in this life and be good at it you have to approach it the same way.

Over the last few years, I have been obsessed with living a peaceful life, and I will be honest with you, living that way is not always the easiest option and it certainly does not magically happen. I’ve had to guard my mind and thoughts so much, I’ve had to refuse to take offense when people say mean things to me, there are days when I have to battle with my thoughts over and over again. Because of my desire to pursue peace, I am at a stage in my life where nothing really moves me or causes me to be frantic. People all around me could be going frantic and I will just sit there drinking my brew and harnessing my inner wisdom.

This message was a heart check for me. It made me think how obsessed am I with the things I say I am passionate about? And how about you?

”The proof of desire is pursuit.” Mike Murdock

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  • @GreyDynasty

    I absolutely love the pursuit of passion as a lifestyle. Pursuing peace has been one of my most calming goal so far, resting in the knowledge that it all works out like it’s meant to. Thanks for sharing Sharon!

    • Sharon mugisha (shaz)

      @GreyDynasty thank you babe. Glad you enjoyed it.