Madurodam / A legacy of George Maduro

    ‘George Maduro; Knight without Fear and beyond reproach’. That’s the title of George’s autobiography as written by Kathleen Brandt-Casey, and what a befitting title! Last year summer, as a birthday treat one of my besties took me to a place I had never heard of; Madurodam! She didn’t explain to me what it was so I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do there. On arrival at madurodam, we started in the cinema hall for a brief introduction of what Madurodam is and who it’s named after. Just by watching the short video, I was in tears (I can be really soppy sometimes) and I could not wait to see the place!

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    Vienna is one of those cities which are imposing, yet you cant help but love it. It has so much to see and enjoy, my favorite thing perhaps being the cafes/ coffee houses. Finding a good coffee shop whenever I travel is my tradition, but when it came to Viena, I was spoilt for choice!
    Here are a few things to bear in mind. 

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    Successful goal setting technique (Step 4)


    Dear friends,

    If you have been following me on this goal setting journey (even if you haven’t and you have just joined) I hope you are still going strong and are still excited about 2017 being your year.

    Why goal setting? you might ask. Why go through the hassle of taking time to think, to be clear and concise, to write down your goals? Why any of it? Why not just leave things to fate and say ‘what ever will be will be’?  Continue reading