Montreaux Riviera

A serene and calm Lake Geneva

Located in the Lake Geneva bay against the backdrop of snow-covered Alps is the gorgeous town of Montreaux. I was completely blown away by how beautiful and serene this town is which would explain how it has earned itself the name Montreaux Riviera. 

It’s not just me that that’s fallen in love with this place by the way. Famous people like Freddie Mercury and Charlie Chaplin shared my sentiments. Mercury once said, “If you want peace of soul, come to Montreux”. At the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1978, the singer recorded the album “Jazz” with Queen. He fell in love with Montreux and Lake Geneva and decided to settle here.

When I arrived here earlier this year, it was still winter and the Alps were still completely blanketed with snow; in fact, most of the country side was all covered in snow which made for a beautiful train journey.


Montreaux Riviera on a cold February night

Montreaux Riviera on a cold February night

On my arrival in Zurich in the early hours of the day, I found myself a coffee shop (somehow this is always my first priority everywhere I go) and had breakfast before starting my 3 hr train journey to Montreaux, and what a scenic route this is!! The train prices are a bit too high compared to most other European countries so that’s something to bear in mind while planning your journey.

After reaching my hotel, I freshened up, got my maps from the reception and was out of the door ready to explore and see as much as possible because I only had 24 hrs. I was limited to the fact that I had little day light but that didn’t deter me from visiting the near by town of Vevey; did I ever mention night walks are my favourite thing? The streets are an endless array of shops, cafes and restaurants, and you can pretty much walk everywhere though there’s a good tram and bus network.

Vevey is the home of Nestle, with its s expansive Head quaters sprawling along the waterfront. This little town is famed for its magnificent water front views, it is the place Charlie Chaplin lived for 25 yrs, and because of that, you can find his statue here, facing Lake Geneva. There’s a museum and square dedicated to the English comedian as well.

Beautiful sunrise over the Swiss Alps

sunrise over the Swiss Alps

Fred Mercury Statute by the Montreaux waterfron

Freddie Mercury Statute by the Montreaux waterfront


You can see Charlie Chaplin's statue in Vevey town, overlooking Lake Geneva

You can see Charlie Chaplin’s statue in Vevey town, overlooking Lake Geneva 

The Great Big Fork of Vevey; 26 foot (8 meter), located opposite the Musee de l’Alimentation (Nestle Alimentarium) went up in 1995 to mark the 10th anniversary of the museum.


At first it was meant to be a temporary exhibition but over time the people grew fond of it and later objected to its removal. It has now become one of the landmarks of Vevey.



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