“Girls with smart mouths don’t get far in life, they just get into trouble”

This line is from the movie ‘Recipe for love.’ It’s the scene where Lauren is in the headmistress’ office, (she’s in trouble basically). She’s been writing a column for the school newspaper; about what’s wrong with the school lunch and the food being served to the students, and the headmistress did not like it!

While there’s humour behind this scene and this line made me chuckle, I had an experience recently that made me realise that actually, this is not just a line from a movie, it’s the way the world, the corporate world and every other sector thinks.

Growing up, I always had a big mouth, and I was always compared to the other girls who were meek and temperate. I was always told ‘why can’t you be like so and so’ And for years, I hated my big mouth, the fact that I was different, the fact that I tend to speak my mind the fact that I am outspoken and I ask questions. I hated the fact that I was bold and I had no fear of anyone and I could tell them exactly what I thought, the fact that I was strong-willed. Then one day I heard Joyce Meyer preaching on this topic and hearing what she said set me free in my mind and made me realise that God made me that way for a reason and I didn’t need to change myself or compare myself with anyone else.

When you are a woman who’s gutsy, and who knows what they want and what they think, the world always tries to put you in a box and put a lid on you. I know this from experience, (far too many times in fact haha). But you know what, our big mouths might end us in detention and in trouble but it’s girls with guts and big mouths who’ve changed their reality and may be the world. Being shy and timid as much as it’s admired by the general public has never done any one any good. It might keep you out of trouble, but let’s be honest, you won’t end up at Harvard by being shy, timid, and never putting yourself out there.

History is full of women who were not afraid to end up in trouble by following their heart and doing what they believed was right. They refused to let society dictate what they can do and who they can be and what they can achieve. They refused to eat crumbs so to speak but were willing to risk it all and take their place at the table. People like Rosa Parks, Karen Brady, Marie Currie, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mother Theresa, Valentina Tereshkova, Oprah Winfrey, Joyce Meyer, to name but a few. The moment you challenge the status quo and start questioning why things are done, a lot of people find that uncomfortable and will do their best to try to put a lid on you!

Please know I am not talking about being rude and unbecoming, or dictatorial or even being feminist. Being all these might get you noticed but it can never serve your higher purpose and never works for the greater good. I still believe in being humble, kind, caring and using your words and talents in the appropriate manner. 

While I love all the quiet, and temperate sisters and I will forever admire how graceful they are, I wanna encourage my strong willed girls. You are the way you are for a reason, the world needs your guts, boldness and resilience and all the teachers and anyone else who told you that your big mouth would end you in trouble, they were actually afraid of your fire!

”The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Coco Channel

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