How do you face your fears?



This one day I took Theo for a walk. Now, Theo is nearly as big as me and probably weighs nearly the same as me but he is still a puppy, so whenever I walked him, most of the time it looked like he is walking me because of how strong he is.

It was all well and good and he was running most of the way, just itching for me to let him off the leash until we got down to the river and started going across. As soon as we stepped on the bridge, I noticed that he stopped running and started walking very close to me, so close that I didn’t even need to use the leash.

At first, I didn’t think anything of it to be honest, but he just wouldn’t leave my side and just as we started to cross back, I suddenly figured out that he must have been scared. It was until we got back home that they said to me the bridge scares him so much and he has in fact never crossed it! They were shocked that he had crossed it without any problems at all!

The thing about fear is that it’s irrational. Her’s a big dog, that looks scary from the outside, being trained as hunting dog so that means he has no fear of any other animal, yet afraid to cross a bridge that’s probably about 3 m high!

That incident taught me a valuable life lesson; No matter how scary some things are, you can always do get through them or attempt to if you have some one you trust that either has been through it or is not afraid of it. You can pretty much get through anything in life if you have a good network of people around you, people who have your back and encourage you.

I had an experience of this when I was in Kenya last year. All my life, I have always been afraid to jump from a 10 M diving board. I’ve climbed up on it and the minute I look down it just looked really far and fear just gripped me. Even with the encouragement from my colleagues, I just could not get my self to do it. So when I found out I could do gorge jumping in Kenya, I was so keen to overcome my fear once and for all.

I had such amazing people with me that I managed to do some of the jumps, after being stood on top for what seemed like forever. Basically, the guys jumped in 1st and just waited in the water for me ready to catch me if anything was to go wrong. Every one encouraged me and told me I could do it, and they didn’t laugh at me when I started crying because I was upset with my self for not doing the big jumps.

I still haven’t conquered that fear completely because I couldn’t do the very high jumps but hey…sometimes you have to eat the elephant piece by piece lol

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