Celle, Germany

This summer (2017), I took the deserted path and decided to explore the smaller towns. I wanted my experience to feel personal and somewhat avoid places with many of my kind (i.e tourists haha). Last year, I decided to start an adventure where I will discover/ visit some of Europe’s very affordable but most beautiful towns. This is how I ended up in Celle, I was after that fairytale feeling, the one you cant find in the common or big towns. And I certainly found it here; plenty of it. This place is straight up fairy tale with its half timer houses, gorgeous alleways, and talking lamps.

I was so charmed when I arrived, all the streets and alleways look magical. The town is small enough to walk and see everything there is to see: from the beautiful Celle castle to the lovely French gardens. I spent the day exploring and enjoying the place. I ended up in the town square to have a drink and enjoy the views and do a bit of people watching. Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures of the French gardens because by the time I got there it was dark and all the pictures I took didn’t look good at all and didn’t do the place justice. I really can’t recommend this place enough, it’s definitely somewhere I wanna go back to, just so I can soak in the charm and beauty.

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