Successful goal setting technique (Step 4)


Dear friends,

If you have been following me on this goal setting journey (even if you haven’t and you have just joined) I hope you are still going strong and are still excited about 2017 being your year.

Why goal setting? you might ask. Why go through the hassle of taking time to think, to be clear and concise, to write down your goals? Why any of it? Why not just leave things to fate and say ‘what ever will be will be’? 

Goal setting helps you live life on your terms. Whether its big goals like quit your corporate job and be self-employed, or get that corporate job you have been wanting, rest more, spend more time with your friends and loved ones, fitness goals, financial goals, be more confident, whatever it is, it’s all about defining and living your life the way you want and the way that gives you peace. 

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So don’t let the whole ‘goal setting’ phrase scare you, it doesn’t mean your life is set in stone with no flexibility. If anything, deciding how you want your life to look is a whole lot more fun and a whole lot more flexible than ‘que sera sera’.

If for example your goal this year is to have more peace in your life and to be happy, whether you know it or not you have just set a goal because deep in your heart, you know exactly what things are not giving you peace and what things you want to do in order to have more peace. What if this year you want to give yourself more grace and stop being judgmental of your self? Anything that requires you to end up in a different place than you are right now is definitely a goal.

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The last key in this series (which is by no means the final key) is persistence. When you go after any goals in life, there is a chance that you will bump into some obstacles. That’s just the way life is. It’s only month 2 into my financial discipline but I have already met obstacles i.e end of January sales (the struggle is real y’all).

Ok, so may be this is a silly obstacle for some people, but in this day and age, this is a real problem  because lets face it, we’ve got a whole generation of men and women who are in debt just due to shopping, fueled by what they see in celebrity lifestyle on social media, cleverly executed ad campaigns and consumed by the comparison game. What with enticing offers from store credit cards and the biggest trap of all ‘buy now, pay later’! Living within your means has gone out of fashion, now we just hoard things and shop till we drop! While I am actually not a big spender on clothes or on a lot of things to be honest (except when it comes to gadgets and travel) my financial discipline in the past has been disgusting!!! I would save money and not stick at it, my savings account was accessible, I didn’t do much to invest and on and on the bad habits went!

But I’ve decided enough is enough and I want to see myself persist at the disciplines I have to do money wise. So no I didn’t buy all the clothes in my basket, much as I could afford them (it wasn’t even a lot of money but it’s the principle that matters), it was time to stick to my spending plan and I did. At the end of last year, after wrritting down exactly how much I wanted in my savings at 31 Dec 2017, It was then time to write down a spending budget, find out which savings accounts pay interest and how much exactly I need to save each month! I did all this to eliminate being vague because as we saw before, vague goals produce vague results.

Friends, let the fire inside you burn stronger than the fire around you. Determine to stick at it when you feel like or not. Imagine its December 31 2017 and you are looking back at the year. You are celebrating not just the New Year, but the fact that you made this year your best year yet. You are celebrating because you persisted when the going got tough because of that you have double to celebrate; this year, you lived life on your terms. So, stay determined, stay believing that you can and whatever obstacles present themselves, do not trip!

Praying for your success


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