24 Hours in Vancouver

On my recent trip to Canada, I got the opportunity to make a whirlwind stop in Vancouver. It was a long shot because  I was in Alberta and only had just over 36 hrs to make it all happen but it was so worth it!Because Canada is such a massive country with no high-speed trains to connect you from one city to another, travelling around can be a bit tedious and it’s quite possible to spend more hours on the road than you imagined! 

On landing at Vancouver International, I got the airport train to take me downtown and after reaching my accommodation, I freshened up and headed straight out, determined to enjoy whatever little time I had in the city. The trains are easy to use and there’s plenty of staff at the stations to ask for help if you are lost or need directions.

First off, I made a stop at one the biggest shopping malls; Metropolis at Metrotown station, and after wandering around the shops for a while I decided to get dinner and head out to the City centre. Because there’s so many beautiful things and places to see, I wanted to find a way to enjoy the city without tiring myself out and missing out as well; so The Vancouver look out was my best option.

Vancouver look out at Habour centre is the one place to get a spectacular 360 degree view of the city. The viewing deck on top of this skyscraper  offers a physically un-obstructed view of the city, and its one of the top tourist attractions. The day was kind of gloomy and the sun was beginning to set so I was able to see the transition from day to night. On a clear day, you can see most of the tourist attractions from up here, you can even see as far as Seattle…apparently!!

Pictures do not do this place justice! I cannot wait to come back and spend quality time here, exploring and seeing all the amazing places, they really didn’t call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing!



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