Staying authentic and not bending to pressure

    Another year, another birthday! While I’m a person of gratitude and I love to celebrate, I am not a big celebrator (is that even a word? haha). I have friends who celebrate their birthday for weeks and weeks, and it’s one party after another and I love that and enjoy it. However, I’ve never been that kind of person so I’ve learned not to put myself down and just stay in my lane.

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    My desire to visit Ireland started when I watched the movie PS I love you; which was many many years a go, and somehow I only just visited the country. I literally woke up one day and decided to head west haha, and that’s all it took! Continue reading


    Self love and body image

    I think self-love and body image is one of the most touchy and sensitive subjects to talk about these days. For some time in my teenage years when I was thinking about what I wanted to do and I was going through my options, it quickly dawned on me that because of some rules that were decided by someone out there, I could never be a super model! I am petite and naturally curvy and unfortunately, girls like me are not allowed on the catwalk. But you know what, who cares what Hollywood thinks?    Continue reading